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A : ezeeSteel is a SaaS (Software as a Service) which automatically generates dimensioned To-The-Scale Plans and Elevations of a Steel Structure from STAAD file. These views are generated in AutoCAD DWG format. It also generates 3D model and Bill of Material for the same.
A : Yes. You have to create a group in STAAD for each view for which you need a drawing. You can assign required members to this group so that a view can be generated for these members. Please see video-1 to know the procedure of creating groups in STAAD for making drawings in ezeeSteel.
A : Yes. ezeeSteel contains all types of members and all international dimension standards available in STAAD.
A : Yes. All these treatments given to any member in STAAD file are taken care by ezeeSteel for generating the 3D model as well as 2D Drawings.
A : Yes. In STAAD, single lines are drawn to indicate a member. For all horizontal non-bracing members, these lines are meant to represent the TOS of the member. ezeeSteel automatically adjusts the CG lines of these members so that TOS of members are maintained in the final 3D model and 2D drawings.
A : Yes. In STAAD, the members are drawn till the center lines of other members. ezeeSteel trims all these members at joints considering the web / flange thicknesses of main members. (such as Column-Beam joints, Beam-Beam Joints etc.)
A : Yes. The 3D model generated using ezeeSteel contains AutoCAD blocks with their attributes, which can reveal information of that member.
A : Yes. Since it is a regular DWG 3D model, you can export it in any software which supports the DWG file import (e.g. NavisWorks). In such case, the model is transferred to that software with only partial intelligence, which is linked through the layers of the 3D model.
A : Yes. If there are no groups created in STAAD file, then ezeeSteel will generate only 3D and BOM.
A : Yes. There is a separate page on our website, which analyses the vertical members (columns) and finds out the tentative grid points based on columns starting from lower most point. You can add /. Edit these grid points and even give labels to them. You can also select various floor levels to be marked on elevations. Please see video-3 to know the procedure of creating customized members in ezeeSteel.
A : Yes. You can control various text fonts, text sizes, layers, colors using Settings page before sending the STAAD file for generating the drawings. Please see video-2 to know the procedure of controlling the presentation settings.
A : Yes. There are 2 options for scale. In both options, the main views are generated exactly To-The-Scale. The other settings such as Text Size, Dimscale, Ltscale are adjusted as per the scale.
(1) Auto, where ezeeSteel calculates the scale for each view and places the selected paper automatically for each view. You can use this option if you want a single view to be placed in single paper sheet.
(2) Manual : User can define required separate scales for Plan and Elevations. ezeeSteel shall not calculate the scale and shall not place the paper. You can use this option if you want to combined multiple views in single sheet later on, where the scale of that sheet is known.
A : Yes. There is a separate page on our website, which shows the list of these members from your STAAD file. You can assign each of these members to a specific member type available in ezeeSteel and give its dimensional properties. Please see video-4 to know the procedure of creating customized members in ezeeSteel.
A : Yes. All the views, member dimensions, thicknesses are exactly drawn To-The-Scale based on the dimension database of all members available in ezeeSteel which is similar to the database of STAAD.
A : Yes. You have to define a group in STAAD named as “BRAC” and assign all bracing members to this group. ezeeSteel shall show all the members in BRAC group in cut-lines. Please see video-1 to know the procedure of creating groups in STAAD.
A : Yes. All the drawings generated by ezeeSteel are in AutoCAD DWG format and you can edit them using AutoCAD in whatever way needed.
A : No. Current version is compatible with STAAD files in SI system. Inventive is working in this option and it will be available in our future version(s).
A : Yes. ezeeSteel generates 2 types of BOMs in Excel format. First, for the actual members with their consolidated lengths and weights. Second, for the procurement requirement of these members including lengths of standard members and plates required to construct these members.
A : No, it is software meant to generate Structural General Arrangement Drawing (GA). A separate software is being developed at Inventive for generating connections and fabrication drawings for Columns/ Beams and Bracings. Contact us to know more about it.
A : We propose you to make a sketch layout, and then use STAAD for structure modeling. Generate GA drawings from ezeeSteel and make changes over these structural GAs to finalize them with equipments etc. This will be accurate & much more faster.
A : No, ezeeSteel is not for detailing of plate-work structures.