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  • Very easy to learn and use, with user friendly GUIs (Graphic Users Interfaces)
  • Inward interface with structural design and analysis software STAAD Pro.
  • Global database of worldwide used structural standards (Matching with STAAD)
  • All profile structural members such as Beams, Channels, Angles, Pipes, Tubes, Star angles, Back to back members, composite members, Cold formed members, tapered sections etc. (Matching with STAAD)
  • Auto analysis of Grid and Floors from STAAD file and facility to define required Grid marks and Floor levels.
  • Facility to add customized members defined by Uptable in STAAD.
  • Option to generate only 3D model and BOM.
  • Grid presentation at 3D model level.
  •  Conversion of all properties applied in STAAD such as Releases, Beta angles, Offsets etc.
  • Auto adjustment of CG levels, based on the TOS requirements of floor level beams.
  • Auto trimming of members at all connection joints.
  • Intelligent 3D model generation with AutoCAD attributed blocks.
  • ezeeSteel generates 3D Model considering all the properties applied to members in STAAD, such as Coordinates, Incidences, Sizes, Beta angles, Offsets etc.
  • The Y axis coordinates are converted to Z axis of AutoCAD and vice-versa, since STAAD and AutoCAD both use different coordinate systems.
  • All the members are exactly drawn to-the-scale by reading all their dimensional properties from the database.
  • All members are grouped as per the groups defined in STAAD. Vertical, horizontal, inclined members and Bracings are shown in different color for more clarity.
  • All members are generated as Blocks with attributes defining their various properties.
  • All Start and End Releases applied in STAAD, are maintained to define the continuity of the members exactly matching with STAAD design.
  • Automatically adjusts CG levels of all floor level beams so that TOS of these members are maintained equally.
  • Automatically adjusts end points of bracings to match the CG level of the Beams.
  • All beams are trimmed at columns, beams by taking into consideration the joining angles and flange or web dimensions of the main member.
  • Facility to customize the presentation of Output Drawings, by setting required layers, colors, fonts etc.
  • Facility for Auto scale calculation OR Manual scale entry for plans and elevations.
  • Selection of required Paper sizes for Auto Scale option.
  • Outputs in Standard editable AutoCAD DWG format.
  • To-The-Scale representation of all members with their actual dimensions of lengths, widths and thicknesses of flange and web.
  • Option of Multiple / Single DWG files.
  • Facility to show bracings in cut lines
  • Auto Dimensioning for all members from nearest grid points and members size marking.
  • Construction and Procurement Bill of Materials in Excel format with quantities and weights of members and plates.